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Sorting the Best Caterer From Your Prospective List

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As organizers, you want to give the best service to your clients as it can help on boosting your event portfolio and get more clients. This is why you need to be meticulous on choosing suppliers that you dealt with and be part of your network, especially with catering in Dubai services.

If you are currently on the process of sorting out caterers from a long list of contacts that you have, then these tips may help on narrowing down your prospects:

  • Known and reputable in your industry

If you are an experienced organizer, you probably know people in your industry. These people can help you on looking for reputable caterers in the industry. You can simply ask your fellow organizers for their recommendations. They would probably give you a list to choose from. What you can do to narrow the list by checking out if the prospective caterers are known to provide great food and service.


  • Fairs and exhibits

The best way to know prospective caterers are attending event fairs and exhibits. These events are known to invite the best caterers and suppliers. By just attending these fairs, you can just visit their booths and see what kind of services they are offering aside from foods. You can also have a chance to taste their dishes which they usually present on these events and you can also do initial interviews to determine if they are worth hiring.


  • Recommendations and testimonials from clients

Experienced organizers have probably dealt with tons of clients from their experience and it also became one of their sources for credible suppliers. There are some clients who are well-connected or already have a caterer in mind. If they recommended someone, do not hesitate to check them out. They might be worth including on your caterer’s list.


  • Online and social media accounts

Some organizers are quite hesitant on checking out potential clients online and on social media. But the advantage of this is you can instantly see their body of work. It is just up to you on how you will check their performance out in the field. But be sure to check their business credentials to know if they are legit.

  • Accreditation from esteemed organization

Another credible source of reputable suppliers is through esteemed organizations in your field. They have a list of trusted suppliers – from caterers to couturiers. Be sure to check out their list as you might pick some suppliers worthy of your time. Click here for more information in this regard.

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