October 29, 2020

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5 Ways To Simplify Party Planning

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Party planning can be complicated, especially if it is your first time and you are staging a big one. With a number of things that you need to mind, there is a big chance that the event will go south and not turn out as you expect.

But no need to be disheartened. There are ways to make party planning a little simpler and less stressful, especially for first timers. Here are some pointers from top party planners in Dubai:

  • Plan at your own pace


One of the most common habits that we develop is trying to accomplish everything in a short amount of time. Although there are certain advantages to this practice, it does have a negative effect, especially on party planning. Planning fast might give you more time but there are also a high chance that you will not polish the details thoroughly. Planning slowly would allow you to check the details and make adjustments if necessary.


  • Create a checklist


This might be the most cliché advice but it needs to be emphasized once in a while. A party planning checklist would enable you to accomplish more without forgetting something. Hence, you need to be thorough with your list to ensure that you got everything covered. Be as detailed as possible and include a time element like deadlines to ensure that you are following a strict deadline for your party planning.


  • Keep an eye on your guest lists


Keeping tabs on your guest list is not just about checking if you are going overboard with the numbers, but it should also involve determining the type of guests you want to see in your event. Expert party planners also advise clients to invite a mix of audience to make it a bit more interesting. You can include a couple of extroverts who will serve as the life of the party and some introverts who would provide the calm when the hype becomes too overwhelming.


  • Keep it simple


We have a tendency to overcomplicate things, especially with party planning. It is a given thing that you your party to be a memorable affair. But making the party details too complicated can backfire. It would be best to stick with tried and tested party planning formulas to ensure the success of the event.


  • Outsource some of the tasks


As much as you want to do everything, you need to accept that it is not possible. Offload some of the party planning tasks by outsourcing some of them, like equipment rental and catering.


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