There’s nothing like a luxuriating soak in soothing fragrant water to ward off the aches and strains wreaked on your body after a hectic day. Especially for the elderly, suffering from the debilities of joint ailments and arthritic issues, a placating dip in warm water can provide immediate relief. However, as therapeutic and calming as a bath can be, it poses serious hazards for the elderly, as the injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents due to impaired vision, diminished balance, and constrained mobility, have had caretakers sprinting to look up safer alternatives of the traditional bathtubs. To avert disasters, investing in a Walk in Bath tub is a prudent investment in the long run, according to hospitals in Dubai.

Features of a Walk in Bath Tub

A walk in Bath tub encompasses bona fide physical rejuvenation, emotional release and immersion in relief for therapeutic benefits. The tubs are diligently designed to allow a person to glean all the benefits of hot water hydrotherapy with ease of use. Senior bodies are fragile and stepping over the elevated walls of the bathtub requires lifting the knees, which could be a trouble for arthritic patients and those with physical disabilities. In addition, climbing in to the wet tub could lead to slip and fall accident.

Although walk in bath tubs are elevated than conventional tubs, they incorporate a side door to allow a person to get in and out of the tub easily. The side door provides easy entry in to the tub without the fear of tripping or slipping. The tubs also have a built in seating area, which makes it easy and convenient to get up from the tub.


Depending on the model, a walk-in tub may incorporate many innovative features, designed to perk up your health, such as a chromotherapy system, hydrotherapy massage system, aromatherapy and much more. Most designs have built in water jets to offer a gentle hydrotherapy massage to sore joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy works in the treatment of various infirmities and conditions such as acne, headaches, arthritis, depression, migraines, poor blood circulation, Insomnia, Cardiovascular diseases, and even muscle, joint, and nerve conditions.

As you grow older, time might take a toll on your body but a little natural therapy goes a long way towards ensuring your body does not get overwhelmed. No need to pay heft expenses for the luxuriating treatment of spa when you can glen a personal spa at home! Click here to know more benefits of this innovative therapy.


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