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Simple Ways To Keep Your Tummy Flat

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A bulging stomach can definitely cause some confidence issue to other people. Not only it is not pleasant to look at, it also limits an individual in terms of what clothes to wear. Although slimming down can be an option to reduce the appearance of the bulge, this can be time-consuming.

If your bulging tummy is hindering you from being fashion-forward, you can try this quick and simple tips to flatten your stomach, even just for a day:

  1. Skip the dessert


Skipping that mouthwatering cake during dessert can be a daunting task. But you need to remember that snacks like this is full of sugary content and artificial sweeteners that can cause bloating and stomach bulging. If you can, skip this part of the meal and look for healthier options instead. Fitness experts advise to go for a pineapple instead of consuming sugary snack. Pineapple has bromelain, an enzyme that aids digestion and help in breaking down protein. Papaya is also a good alternative to reduce stomach bloating.


  1. Stick to water


The prospect of gulping down sweet juices and beverages is always tempting. Same goes with fizzy drinks. These kind of beverage trap gas inside your stomach, making your tummy look bloated and big. It would be best to stick with water. Drinking lots of water is not just for aiding digestion, but it can also help improve your body functions and aids in flushing out toxins in your body. Doing this regularly would help reduce the appearance of your bulging stomach.


  1. Eat slow and in small portions


The sight of sumptuous food is definitely enticing that you want to eat more of it. But if you are keen on keeping your stomach flat, try to lessen the portion of your meal intake. Cosmetic experts advise their patients who underwent a tummy tuck surgery in Dubai to decrease the size of their meal to maintain the appearance and shape of their stomach. You can also do the same. Eating in small portions will help your digestive system to break down the food easily. Same goes with eating slower. Eating at a slower pace will prevent you to overeat and also lessen the air that are trapped in your system that can lead to bloating.


  1. Boost your metabolism with water and lemon


Your body’s metabolism is one of the key factors in keeping your body in shape. But due to unhealthy lifestyle, our metabolism slows down, making it hard for the body to break down fats and other food components. Drinking water with lemon extract first thing in the morning can help boost your metabolism and reduce stomach bloating.

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