Your mattress is an essential component of your bed. It is the one that will can give you a good night sleep and is responsible for supporting your body properly. But without proper maintenance, even the best memory foam mattress will be susceptible to breakage.


Prevent this from happening by not doing the following things on your mattress:


  1. No ample bed frame support

Mattress are made to support the body that lies on it. However, the mattress also needs ample support for it to do its job. That is why having a solid bed frame is important. When you bed frame is weak and uneven, this may cause the mattress to take the shape of the ill-shaped frame. In the long run, the mattress will become uneven and it might be set for an early breakdown. So be sure that the bed frame is sturdy enough to support the weight of the mattress and toppers. You also have to take into consideration the weight of the individuals who will lie on it. You can either buy a durable ready-made mattress or have your customized.


  1. Too much strain on the mattress

Mattress in Dubai are made to support your body but to a certain limit. For example, your bed and mattress is only made to support a certain weight and number of bodies that lies on it. If you regularly exceeds that limit, there is a chance that the mattress will sag. Another strain that may cause your mattress to sag is too much pressure brought by jumping on the bed. If your bed is made of spring, it might be able to support that can of strain of a period of time. But for non-spring mattress, expect that it will weaken before its intended expiration.


  1. Not cleaning it regularly

Everything that is left unclean is bound to depreciate, including your mattress. The most usual suspect is the dust mites left to accumulate on the bed. Overtime, the dust build up will cause damage to your mattress’ material. Another suspect is unclean food spills and food debris stuck on the mattress. This could attract rats, ants, and other insects that will not only eat the debris but also the mattress. If this continues, you will probably see lots of holes on your mattress.


  1. Cleaning it the wrong way

Cleaning your mattress is not enough, but you need to clean it the right way. Some mattress, like those that are made of natural latex, is susceptible to breakage due to use of harsh chemicals. The organic composition of this kind of mattress will be washed away and will end up losing its flexibility. To prevent this from happening, use mild or natural cleaning solutions when cleaning your mattress.


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