It is quite possible that you had an interest in perfumes. If so, there must be a particular genre of perfumes that you admire which is something quite natural. After all, it only makes sense to wear a perfume that suits your personality and style. Wait a minute – how will you know if you had a certain style and the perfume should match it? Truth to be told, wearing a perfume according to your personality is not only possible, it matters a lot. For instance, wearing Arabian oud in Abu Dhabi makes sense as this perfume goes well with the Arabian culture and has a great fragrance. But, it should be known whether you are wearing an original oud or not because if you do, the fragrance will last a long time.

Why Oud?

In case you ended up purchasing oud that is not original, you will realize it sooner or later. A couple of things that will make you realize that – the fragrance will not last more than a couple of days and it will feel a little pungent, not like how the original oud smells. Note that the oud perfume is considered by many as one of the best perfumes in the region. This type of perfume has the aroma, the feel of a quality perfume, something you will recognize the moment you wear it. Here is more on this so continue reading to find out why wearing the original fragrance matters so much:

Lasting impression

There are a number of types of fragrances available in the market. Naturally, not all of them are original and most will leave you thinking into what to do with them. Whether to buy them or not, you might get a little perplexed at times but that’s what happens to most customers in the market. Perfumes are desired by all, but the original ones will leave those around you spellbound by the aroma, the fragrance would be too inspiring for many. Truth to be told, that’s the reason why most of us look to buy the original oud instead of going after first or even second copy.


Compared to some of the European counterparts, the oud perfume is still less expensive. Despite that, it is equally impressive and lasting and may even outlast some of its western counterparts. It is a typical Middle Eastern perfume that takes your imagination to the east, and makes it feel as if you are standing in the oasis. Note that only the best Arabic perfumes will make you feel like that.


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