Digital influencers have been helping lots of brands to promote their products and companies, and this marketing strategy has proved to be effective for brands who aims to have their reach widen in social media and influence as many as they can.

But choosing the right influencer is not that easy as you may need to consider some of these factors before you choosing your online brand ambassador:

  1. Type and no. of followers


The influencer’s follower is a top consideration on picking the right online brand representative for a brand. When going through a number of influencers, check if their audience is the one you would like to target. There is no sense of getting an influencer who speaks to the audience who will not be able to relate with your brand. Have a checklist of demographics and specs of your target audience’s profile and cross-checked them with the followers of these influencers. Do they have the same age bracket? Are there similarities in terms of likes, interests, hobbies, buying behavior, etc.? If the answer is yes to majority of the questions, then include this influencer on your top list.

After doing an elimination through target audience, you can now checked the followers. Do these influencers have enough followers that you can take advantage of? You might need the help of influencers marketing Abu Dhabi experts to help you set the requirements in terms of reach.


  1. Closely-related to your brand

Aside from target audience, you have to determine if a certain influencer would probably use the brand. For example, your brand is related to sports and outdoor activities. Is this influencer into sports and outdoors as well? Getting an influencer who will not be able to relate to your brand is a waste of money as he will not be able to convey the message well. For technical campaigns, it would be best to choose an industry leader who can speak well about the brand. Influencers marketing UAE experts have a list of credible marketers categorized per interest. You might as well get in contact with them to check their database.


  1. Knows how to produce great content

Content is what drives people to checkout sites and possibly buy an item. Your digital influencer should be able to produce creative, relatable and great content to convince their public to try your brand. And must be able to churn out different forms of content to highlight your product’s capabilities and assets.


  1. Portrays a positive image

When it comes to digital, the saying, “A negative publicity is still publicity.” is not true when it comes to digital marketing. A damaging image can break your online business in a second. To avoid such disaster, choose an influencer that has a good and respectable image online. A good influencer commands respect amongst his followers by setting a good example. Remember that the influencer carries your brand name and he does something undesirable, your brand is connected to it.


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