Is your ceiling looking old and worn-out? Are you feeling embarrassed when someone drop a not-so-good comment about your upper interior? Believe it or not, your ceiling can make or break the entire look of your interior design. Sadly, some homeowners take little notice of their ceiling since it is not on the eye level but for the sake of your whole interior, you need to make your ceiling work for you.


If you are on the process of updating your ceiling, you might consider these options:

  • Wood paneling

If you are aiming for a warm and cozy atmosphere at home, bedroom or living room, then wood panels for your ceiling might be the solution. Wood paneling is popular construction trend during the 70s and it is making a good comeback today. This ceiling solution is also perfect for homes with slanted ceilings. When you opt for this solution, be sure to select a durable wood material for your panel. You can construct the panels or purchase a ready-made one for your ceiling.


  • Work that industrial vibe

If you want something raw for your ceiling then you can try out the industrial design. But be careful with this one. Industrial ceiling design can be tricky so make sure it goes well with the design of your interior and should be done tastefully. And you will not just leaving the ducts and piping exposed. You need to update them as well. Some homeowners coat and spray paint the ducts and pipes with dark colors to complement with the color of the ceiling. See what color would best fit your overall design.


  • Consider drop ceilings

Drop or suspended ceilings are popular amongst offices and commercial spaces, but you can also try it on your home as well. There are ceiling tiles suppliers in Dubai that provides a number of suspended ceiling tiles for their clients, ranging from T-grid to aluminum in different designs and fittings. Ask your contractor which one would fit well for your home.


  • Try drywall

Drywall panel is also a popular option amongst homeowners. Drywall present a number of advantages to homeowners. For one, it is resistant to fire, molds and mildew and quite easy to repair. Like the suspended ceiling solution, it can also help on soundproofing a space. Lastly, it is energy efficient, especially during cold season. Its insulating traits captures and maintains the heat inside which is good during winter.


  • Fix uneven ceilings

Sometimes, just fixing the uneven surfaces on your ceiling can do wonders for your interior surface. Check out the nearest building materials suppliers in Dubai to know what would be the best material to fix those uneven ceiling surface.


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